Larcore® is a non-combustible honeycomb panel that complies to the current Building Code of Australia.

Larcore® honeycomb panel is an AS 1530.1 certified new generation of advanced materials formed by aluminium honeycomb panel representing a perfect balance between weight, rigidity and fireproofing classification.

Produced through a unique worldwide continuous manufacturing process, Larcore ® honeycomb panel offer outstanding properties compared to traditional architectural materials.

Larcore ® is an aluminium honeycomb panel manufactured with an in-house technology unique in the world. This advanced material offers a wide range of finishes and amazing properties.

AS 1530.1 Certified Compliant
Closed Cell Honeycomb hexagon core
Extremely rigid & very easy to fabricate
Superior Flatness
Series 5005 Alloy (Marine Grade)
Ideal for soffits and architectural features
Manufacturers 15 year warranty
Made in Europe (Spain)