Siniat Weather Defence, External Rigid Air Barrier Board

Siniat Weather Defence is a fire resistant external sheathing board (RAB board) which has transformed building envelope construction and performance. Weather Defence is made from gypsum and uses patented hydrophobic core and water resistant liner. It is a replacement for traditional weather barriers such as fibre cement, galvanised sheeting, or combustible sarking membranes that do not meet the performance provisions.

Weather Defence is an award-winning external rigid air barrier board which is transforming building envelope construction and performance

DTS fire compliance - non-combustible requirements under the BCA.
Compatible with most cladding systems: Ventilated Rainscreen, brick, metal, insulated render…
Airtight (useful for new BCA 2019 air leakage requirements for class 2-9 buildings).
Faster and easier - compared to traditional rigid air barriers.
Increases building efficiency - leading lower life cycle costs and CO2 emissions.
Weather tight with no need for additional sarking thanks to a patented hydrophobic core and liner technology.
Warranted for weather exposure up to 12 months on frame before over cladding.